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You have Weak Glutes LCS 4

You have Weak Glutes LCS 4 Last post we focused on the action of the psoas muscle on the hip joint, flexion. Once you have a good handle on getting that muscle group to relax and lengthen you really need to start focusing on restoring balance across the hips and pelvis. To do this you need to engage in the opposite action, extension. Extension at the hip is the action of pushing the knee behind your body. If you are standing still and want to take a step forward, you will be extending the hip of the leg with which you push off. The main muscle of hip extension is Gluteus Maximus, and to a lesser degree the Hamstrings and Gluteus Medius. When the psoas is short and tight, they become stretched and weakened.

There are a good number of exercises to strengthen the gluteal muscles including squats and deadlifts. Those two exercises alone are theoretically enough for adequate strengthening of your glutes (along with a lot of other important muscles). Realistically, most cannot perform a proper squat or deadlift and will end up hurting themselves. Instead, stick with an isolated glute exercise such as a supine pelvic thrust (See the video below for a very enthusiastic demonstration). In addition to his instructions, I would suggest not giving yourself time to rest at the bottom of the exercise. As soon as you feel your buttocks touch the floor, extend right back up into the air for an earlier sense of fatigue and muscle failure.

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