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Tight Hip Flexors LCS 3

Tight Hip Flexors LCS 3As we continue our enlightenment into Lower-Crossed Syndrome we have identified Anterior Pelvic Tilt (see article titled "Anterior Pelvic Tilt LCS 2") and discovered some muscles that become tight and need attention. A tight muscle will pull harder at its attachment points. In the case of the psoas muscle (a primary flexor of the hip), it pulls the front of the lumbar spine and thigh closer together. Maybe you can remember a time where you sat for a long period, went to stand up, and felt like your motion getting upright was slow and stiff. This is what a tight psoas muscle feels like, and this is what it feels like when a muscle adaptively shortens. If intense enough it may leave you hunched forward at the waist. Long hours of keeping a muscle in any one position days and weeks on end will confuse that tissue and the associated nervous system into thinking that this is the new "normal" position.

Try not to worry, you're not stuck like this forever because they can adaptively lengthen too! Before stretching a muscle to lengthen it, first check it for trigger points. Otherwise when stretching, it could end up making things worse. When done right, trigger point therapy is not comfortable. However, it is generally easy to perform on yourself, cost-effective, and usually reduce symptoms when finished. More importantly than just reducing symptoms, it will also help to re-establish the balance in your muscles, joints, spine, and nervous system.

There are a number of books and videos on Youtube that describe and demonstrate trigger point techniques. You will be better off finding a good chiropractor or massage therapist knowledgeable in this area who will be able to exhibit proper performance on your own body.

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